Sunday, 18 March 2012

What Up, 10am?

Since my training this winter has thus far taken me beyond what one would call "diesel" into a realm known as "snow plow," I decided that a good strategy to get one more lap before getting dropped at Black Hills like Arnold drops water balloons from the balcony would be to do the 10am. Nice day, lots of good riders, plenty of people you'd want to go for a bike ride with.

The 10am's a strange beast. It can be a great ride but no guarantees. I was a bit hesitant at the rollout yesterday, because I am out of the loop of that ride and didnt know a lot of people. Then a bunch of people I do know latched on and I told Chris G "we're okay, this will be a fast one". Truer words were never spoke. Wow. People are in shape. I got my licks in at times but no lying, there were times I was a the tips of my fingernails, barely there.

Actually made like having a good sprint at the end, but there were enough things going on (walkers, traffic) that people shut the sprint down. Sanity prevails? Cool. But for the hour and twenty minutes from the turn onto Tuckerman to the sprint at the same spot, it took 308 watts np to be in the game. I weigh 75kg. If its going to be like this all year I don't predict many race wins for this guy. That shit hurt.

Patapsco this morning, then back to the wheel pile later.

We're all going to lose our minds when it snows in April.

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