Monday, 26 March 2012

Couldn't Wouldn't Didn't

I've always wondered whether this sign is really just a tacit statement of "hey, fire it up - it'll only cost you $25 if we catch you."

One of those things about how perspective changes. I'm really happy with our wheel building operation now. Lots of time and effort but it's going very well. The results have always been good, but our process is getting more and more dialed, which allows other stuff (and growth) to happen. But this pile of wheels, 3 years ago, would have resulted in apoplectic fits - "look at all that sexy carbon!" Now it's a couple of days of work, a lot of details sweated, and a bunch of people who are hopefully going to be very excited when they get their wheels.

Yesterday, I woke up, and it was not a day on which I was going to race bicycles. The plan had been to race, and I was signed up and everything. There's a lot going on right now. These piles of wheels don't build themselves (this is not the whole of the most recent batch, and there are batches stacked up behind these). We just can't afford any downtime right now, and racing with that kind of bug in your head is no way to race at all. I also just went through a week where I discovered I'd overcooked the training sauce a bit. 4 days of VERY moderated rides seems to have been a pretty effective bailout, and I was able to complete a workout yesterday that was quite a bit longer and probably tougher than Black Hills would have been, but I wasn't at all confident of that outcome. Maybe I should have just gone and sucked it up. Who knows?

Making a committed effort to not use the car, and use the bike for transport instead. Average weekly car mileage has been pretty consistent at around 230 miles. In the last week, car mileage was 4. Aided of course by not going to Black Hills (that would have been about 70 miles round trip) and not going mountain biking (around 45 miles), but still a good change. I love the idea of filling up the car every month or so instead of every 10 days or so.

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