Sunday, 4 December 2011

That's It For The Other One

Clean all the stuff real well one last time, it's going to be awhile before we race on this stuff again.
Put the cork back in the bottle, my first cross season is over. Apart from the fact that I'm really scraping the bottom after racing with like a thousand fold more frequency than I ever have, it was pretty much crazy fun start to finish. Te season in a nutshell:

Winchester: How do you do this? This seems very hard.
Granogue: Why am I doing this? 103 dudes want to kill me. Seems like about 87 of them have all the skills and magic they need to actually do it. This IS very hard.
DCCX: Oh, I like the C Race! Oh I don't like the B race quite so much. Starting 113th on the grid blows. BikeReg skills, please!
Kinder: I really need some BikeReg skills. But hey, look at that, I beat like kind of a lot of dudes.
Sander: Awesome. Did well.
Schooley Mill: 2nd row seeding! Harden up, man.
Vint Hill: Can I have my mountain bike, please?
Rockburn: If you ever learned how not to suck at the start you might actually be good.
Taneytown: I hate mud and flat tires.
Capital Cross: Wow, even if you do suck at the start you might actually be good. Except if you want to crash as soon as you grab onto the lead group. Then let a bunch of guys through, and need to go to the wall just to get back to close to where you were.

So I finish the season with a 9th today. A good field, with lots of guys on their A games. To be honest I wasn't, but I was pleased with how I rode. I went hard, made some mistakes, and kept at it. It sucks to have spent the back half of the season within spitting distance of the podium and never have gotten there. On the other hand, a few months ago I had absolutely no idea how well, badly, or indifferently I'd do. I didn't have a bike to ride until the day before Winchester. Not the ideal prep. I'm good with this season, and it gives me a place from which to actually plan and prepare for next year. It was also a whole lot of fun, and I met a lot of good people. Not sure I ever want to do 11 races in 10 weekends again, I'm really happy to have a break from racing,

The bad from today was Erin getting hurt. I've been right there. It sucks no two ways about it. Heal quickly. You'll be back soon.

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Scott T. said...

glad you had fun. I lose perspective sometimes. Luray will be my son's 20th race in 12 weeks. I think I've done 14. I forget that is a lot and may explain why we're tired