Monday, 28 November 2011


Things to work on for next year:
1. Not sucking at the start of cross races.
2. Not having like 1/3 of my races end with flats.
3. Pit/truck wheels. ALWAYS. Even for training rides. Hell with my record even for trainER rides.
4. Embrace the mud.
5. When I've already been walking my bike for 2/3 of a lap and a dude screams at me to get out of his way, go the other way? Or do something else different? I don't even know but apparently I wrecked his race. I'm sorry I wrecked your race. I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to know where exactly in the f you wanted me to go. Your vitriol exceeded the clarity and sportsmanship of your request by about 100000x.
6. Not laugh my ass off when said guy falls over as he's still looking back to yell at me.

Taneytown was going pretty 'meh' as it was. Once again stuck in No Mans Land behind the leaders, I wound it up to try and close the gap on the paved part after the first section. The instant I started going fast - "PFFT". That piece of gravel was the perfect antidote to a functioning tire. Nothing to be done. Oh well that was fun. I figured walking to the finish was a more legit move than DNF. I don't even know. Is it? The funny thing is that even with walking about 20% of the race I probably finished higher than I did in my first race.

Congrats to the guys on the steps. They all rode well and deserved it.

Pretty excited to do some mountain biking and long boring rides. Pretty spanked on racing right now. One more event.

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