Thursday, 6 October 2011

Holy Crap Am I Old

Our kits are cooler than yours. (photo by Suzie Hayward)

I say that not only because I have a birthday in the not too distant future, which through the magic of "CX Racing Age" means that Willard Scott will be showing up at my doorstep with balloons and cake any minute now. No, the primary manifestation of my geriatricity is the fact that I've been stooped over and hobbling around like Methuselah himself all week. Why?

Cross practice, that's why. Have I done 100 dismounts and remounts in the last few days? Easily. Does each dismount push a little dagger into one's hip sockets and all the connector tissue and muscle and other biological type shit that's at the top of your leg? Yup. Do I have a burgeoning case of shin splints (or maybe stainless bar splints, since most of my shin is currently composed of stainless bar)in my right leg? Uh huh, I've had the sucker wrapped with Ace bandages all week. Does my lower back kill from grinding up super steep stuff in 39x26 instead of 32x32 or whatever I would do it on on my mountain bike? Sure.

Pair of Aces

To the positive, I do quite enjoy riding cross bikes. I wasn't sure I would like it this much, but I do. Love the skill aspect, love the slight stupidity aspect, love not being on the road. It's fun.

Gotta go, Willard Scott's at the door. Remind me - I need new tennis balls for my walker.

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Jim said...


Walker! You need new balls! We're playing tennis later.

You reminded me to ask you of that.

- Another Old guy