Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vanquishing KLS

Three of us caught absolutely raging cases of KLS (Killington Leg Syndrome) following last weekend's festivities. Symptoms include an inability to climb stairs, hold the mellowest of wheels, or walk. My symptoms reached a zenith on Thursday evening, when I thought it would be a wonderful idea to do the goon ride. What an f'd up experience that was. You've got some guys who are stupid strong, and the rest are not, so you wind up with 4 or 5 guys going bat shit crazy, and the rest feverishly avoiding pulls, struggling to stay on. What I was looking for was not on offer there, so I lined things out as well as I could before the hill and bugged.

Dusted off the mountain bike on Friday for a ride. It was nice to combine physical infirmity with technical incompetence. Really felt great after that.

The three KLS sufferers reconvened on Friday night for dinner. One of us was scheduled to race in a BIG race today. When I say BIG I mean BIG. REALLY BIG. Not a good time to have KLS. Well, you can read in far more significant media outlets than this how well she shook off her symptoms. BOOM goes the dynamite. Of course I take all the credit. Very inspirational speech.

The other two sufferers did not race against any world champions today, but we had a nice ride and seemed to be recovering nicely as well.

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