Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Killington Photos

The Women's 3-4 kind of hammering on the road up to Plymouth. The Bonedeth guy put it best, when speaking of the P-1-2 race, an exchange with a team mate that went something like "uhhh, my computer's lying or something." "oh yea, why's that?" "it says we're going 28." "we are." "aren't we going uphill?" "we are." "well then this is going to suck." This road was all big ring, and fast, but it hurt. The break that I was in really established itself up this hill, and nearly disintegrated every time through the KOM spot. Actually, the last lap it did disintegrate at the KOM spot, much to my benefit.

What you can't see in this photo is the Long Trail Brewery, behind the tents. How badly I wanted to stop there so many times. On Saturday's course, you came down this section (but the wind was blowing uphill, against you). On Sunday's TT, you went up this section, but for my group (I was the 6th to last starter of the day), the wind was blowing downhill, against you. On Monday, we rode up it again, again into the wind. The 6 man break I was in at this point was going slightly faster than I'd done it in the TT, but it was awful. One guy wasn't doing much, one was doing nothing, and we were getting ever closer to a nasty ass finish climb.

A cool section, this is the right hand turn we made at Long Trail on Saturday, which dumped you onto a one lane bridge. I think this is the tail end of the main field of 4s.

Killington Peak. Monday's finish was pretty far up there, at the base of the K-1 chair.

Someday I will own this house. At the head of an awesome pond. Notice that the table is set. Future VT headquarters of November Bicycles.

Another view of the house. Their boathouse is in the foreground.

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