Thursday, 31 March 2011

GamJams Reviews: Gloves

These are pretty excellent. They work from "just cold enough to wear gloves" to "cold enough to wear serious gloves." So they are complemented by a pair of Louis Garneau Typhoon gloves, which is Garneau's take on the classic lobster glove. Unfortunately I got a lot of use out of the lobster gloves this winter. It was cold a lot.

When it's not cold, I don't wear gloves except when racing closed courses or mountain biking. In those cases, I wear Louis Garneau's Moab Lite gloves. They are full fingered MTB-oriented gloves with some sort of leather/pleather palm and basically zero padding. I don't like a lot of padding. I've gone mountain biking in the November gloves and they suited me well for that too. I can see both them and the Moabs getting a lot of use when I start doing a lot of riding on cross bikes, which will happen soon.

Gloves to me are mostly a thermal or crash/abrasion prevention thing and not a padding deal.


Jim said...

God, you're a total November Bikes Whore Dave.

Chuck Wagon said...

Yes I am! Best company I've ever dealt with!!