Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Friendly. It's The New Black.

It's a light week this week. Previous blocks were 4 on 1 off. This one was more intense and it's 3 on 1 off. This week is off. Today is the only time I'll be too much out of breath (at least on the bike) this week. Randomly run into Chris C and we're doing some laps around Beach/Ross/Ridge, "Mario Karts" style as he calls it - reverse of the Goon Ride way.

There were plenty of people doing it the other way, some groups from teams and stuff and a bunch of just people. We knew some, we just waved to others. As we're headed up Beach toward the cop shop, we get a big old friendly wave from pretty much the fastest guy in MABRA. We're two random jamokes in anonymous black kit (I happen to be on an absolute stunner of a bike, but he can't really see that as we blow by each other. Then Chris and I finish our game of cat and mouse at Ross/Ridge (I couldn't get the little mother f-er off my freaking wheel so he came around me - and there we learn that a solid spanking is actually a really excellent leadout in disguise), I'm coughing out keeper-sized pieces of lung, and here comes pretty much the fastest guy in MABRA again, with a "how you guys doing?"

So for all the "cooler than thou" that goes on out there (and we've probably all been guilty from time to time), we got a big taste of "faster than thou" meets "friendlier than thou."

And I'm going to ride that little mother f-er off my wheel next time, you'll see.

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x said...

where do you think i was the first two laps? about 10 feet off the back of your wheel.