Tuesday, 5 October 2010


How is it that a partner in a start up bike company finds himself bikeless? The old cobbler's shoes bit, I guess. Our limited edition November frames arrive in the very near future, but my signature edition team bike from this year was the first one sold from the service course. I take it as an article of faith that this sale was motivated primarily because it was MY bike and the fact that I ride the world's most popular size was secondary. I still have a mountain bike.

Said startup bike company will be hosting a ride from Rock Creek out to the environs on 10/23. This will be known as The Great November Ride. So if you want to see the wheels and frames live and direct like, and get some ultimate free swag, mark that date down. Everyone's welcome.

Trying to get a place finaled. Busy as sin.


Tim Rugg said...

Why don't you wait until November?

Lauren Peterson said...

I thought The Great November Ride was on 11/13?

Old 97 said...

The real question is why are you now The "Flamingo" Chuckwagon? Tired of Flamenco?

Sigberto said...

You might also notice it says "chickwagon." Interesting.

Chuck Wagon said...

ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!!!! And one needs to keep things fresh. So sayeth Pozzatto, who am I to question true wisdom?

In the Norse calendar (there will be much that is Norse this year), November actually starts on the 18th of October. And Larry is promoting a CX race on November 13th and we need to help him with that so we have to change it. Plus we wanted to do it early so people have a chance to see the stuff.

Head colds bite ass.