Monday, 27 September 2010


Excellent mountain bike ride on Saturday with the missus and a friend of ours. He's being drawn toward all mountain or whatever you call it type of riding by some dudes he rides with. That's cool, and his skills are pretty freaking good, especially when you consider that he has just the one gear. My preference is xc style riding, go fast, don't stop. Our lack of stops may have killed him, but he claimed to have had a great time.

We went to Patapsco again, which is awesome. We went through this section that I had been through once but could never find again. It's all ferns and this total ripper downhill, except when you do it the way we did it. Twice. Uggh. But glad to know where it is.

At one point I was third wheel going over a big log feature. #1 bobbled but cleaned it. #2 bobbled worse being held up by #1's bobble. I got totally gummed up and barely made it onto the log. Didn't hurry back onto the bike and they were GONE. I guess it was drop me time. Absolutely flew to catch back on, and did. Definitely had a few "this will end poorly" moments but all was well until I hit a sharp rock way way way too fast and demo'd my rear tire. Gooey mess, boot patches, tubes, all sorts of fun. And back at it. All told we did 18 miles but it didn't seem like that much. I'm at the point now where I'm way better than I was in say June - like way better - but I want to keep making gains.

Now that racing season is over I'm really flat on road riding around here. I'll go do the big rides out west gladly, but River Riad just ain't doing it for me right now. If there were races I'd still be into it, but there aren't any. But man do I want to go ride the mtb. I love it.

Sunday, was dealing with November stuff (our carbon tubies are 1370g, awesome) and got a work related call. Nothing good. Sometimes these hands of cards that one must play are just nuts. Can't go into it. But just holy shit is all I have to say.

That's it.

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TerribleTerry said...

When your job can be described as...."all I can say is holy shit" I'd say you deserve to get that 29er.