Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Speaking Kiwi

One of the fun things about going sailboat racing is hanging with Kiwis. They really are pretty much all just like the dudes in Flight of the Conchords, except I think those three guys might be the only Kiwis who aren't better sailors than me (and probably they secretly are anyway).

Here are some definitions of Kiwi words:
Hundreds and Thousands: What you and I might call sprinkles, or jimmies if you are inclined that way.
Bread Roll: Pronounced "Brid Roll." Sub, or hoagie, or grinder if you are inclined in either of those directions.
Chips: Fries
Chips: Chips
Chippies: Chips, when Fries and Chips sharing the same name might be confusing.
Muscles: Tan fat (we've discussed this one before, I just like it)
Wicked Up: Pronounced "wict up," not "wick-ed up." Rolling, as in "from what I hear, Chuck Hutch had it pretty wicked up for like 30 laps at Clarendon this weekend."
Chilly Bin: Cooler. I will never call a cooler a cooler again.
Shocker: Bad result - "I had a bit of a shocker at Fort Ritchie."
In The Piss: In the water.
On The Piss: Hammered.
Taking the Piss: To tease someone - "don't worry mate, he's just taking the piss."
Nipper: Talented up and comer. See also Joe D and Nate W. Nippers.

We did indeed even manage to invent a new word, for which I will take full credit. The person who sorted out our lunch program (gourmet bread rolls, very chich - pronounced "sheesh") apparently got a heck of a deal on bags of chippies. And good chippies they were: cracked pepper and salt, rosemary and sea salt, etc. Anyhow, we had like a gross of these bags of chips (notice how now that we know we are talking about chippies, we can refer to them as chips?), and some people were really getting after it with them. So, being the douche that I am, warned that if said people were going to eat so many chips they'd better watch it or they were likely to turn into chippopotami (which I presume is the plural of chippopotamus). So hereinafter, someone who eats chips to visible excess (or chips, for that matter), is to be referred to as a "Chippo."

Not to be confused with Cipo.


Drew Armstrong said...

Love the chilly bin.

GamJams said...

I would totally wear those glasses.