Thursday, 17 June 2010


You will find no greater enemy of buzz words than this guy. That aside, I find it completely unreasonable to think that "the people who know" could have underestimated the impact that the $8000/$6500 housing tax credit would have. Of COURSE it was going to be a show when it ended.

People respond to incentives.

Working through the housing market might be something short of a catastrophe, but it's going to hurt.

Also, deflation.

I had to go cold turkey on Facebook (what a swamp that thing is), ditto NPR, but not reading The Economist is just irresponsible.

I wish I felt better about my physical state going into this weekend. Went for a ride last night and thought "you know, I am probably going to get dropped this weekend." Tuesday night I did the Conte's ride. First, they have police escorts at the first five or six intersections. Huh? Way cool. Second, I sucked. I finally had some semblance of mojo going on the second to last loop when I pooched a shift to the little ring and watched the top few sail away. Closed it up after I got my act together, but still. Then, on the final hill, a Coppi guy (nice guy, strong) and I managed to get away without digging too hard, but I had no idea what the route was. He started to fade so I asked "all the way over the top?" and he said "all the way." I had one of those good hard but unspectacular pace things happening, and was about to get over the top - maybe 10 yards from what you'd call the top - and VRRRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMMMM, five guys BLOW past. No one told me there was a freaking sprint point there. If only I'd been properly incentivized...

Building TT bikes is so much fun. That was an example of sarcasm.


Drew Armstrong said...

I hope you're enjoying the wonders of internal cable routing.

Chuck Wagon said...

neither of them have even been my bikes, although i get to use one on sunday.

if i hadn't dealt with sailboats for so long i'd be totally unproductive at all of these joyful undertakings i find myself in.

Jim said...

Oh, c'mon David. The received wisdom of the age is that tax policy doesn't influence behavior. Therefore Housing Slump 2.0 (The Re-Shrinkening) is due to human factors like shitty buyers, not due to anything the tax credits might have caused...

BTW, I'd be careful about questioning the received wisdom that tax policy doesn't influence behavior. A lot of recent, large legislation rests on that premise.