Sunday, 16 May 2010


Me: "So what should we do about this, we're here and two guys are making the race happen up the road."
Greg: "Not sure."
Me: "Well I'll tow you through the gap as far as..."
Greg: "VVVVRRRrrrrrrooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Freaking spectacular.

One lap later...
Tire: "Pppffffffttt"
Me: "F&%^U@U@{Jk!"

One day later (at Fountainhead)...
Tire: "Pppffffffttt"
Stan's Sealant: "Sssssssssssss"
Co2 Cartridge: "FFffwwwwwwwpppp"
Me (riding away with huge smile): "I freaking love tubeless!!!"

The team killed it all weekend. Many excellent results.

Really sorry about the way the 1/2/3 race played out after it was over. In any case, congrats to Mike on an excellent ride. I've gotten to know him a bit this season, and I really don't know that I've met many people to whom I'd more wish to have good things happen. If my post and comments last week contributed to the reluctance of race officials to discuss decisions, I regret it. It seems obvious that the circumstances from this weekend were totally different to the circumstances at Murad.

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Pete said...

It was definitely a strange weekend in the 1-2-3 races. Poolesville + Bryan Vaughan's insane double-up crashes + tacks EVERYWHERE + Brownie's rolled tubular.


Sorry to hear about the flattage : \