Saturday, 26 December 2009

World Cup Issues

So it seems that the rest of the world isn't immune from issues with putting on World Cup MTB races either. The organizers of the Houffalize round have just announced that unless significant new funding is found, they won't be able to host the event this year. If you've watched "Off Road To Athens," you know that the racers love Houffalize. Most describe it as THE monument on the World Cup calendar - the Patis-Roubaix of the fat tire world.

The UCI seems to be a complete pack of money grubbing boils on the ass of progress. I wonder how big their payroll is? I wonder if they'll be able to provide any help in thus situation?

Coming back out of rest weeks, especially those that contain major holidays, is always a challenge. The first part of today's workout really sucked, but then it got better. I was really enjoying it at the end.

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