Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Love All Around

My nephew's a pretty funny kid. He was born a grumpy old man (just like his uncle) and really had some, well, we'll call them idiosyncratic ways. He could never be convinced to wear pants (just like his uncle) and one time on vacation in Antigua he came sprinting into the villa out of nowhere, straight into the shower to spend some quality time with his aunt. Little perv. Say it with me now... Anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, now he's got his shit pretty well totally together (in marked contrast to his uncle) and is on the straight and narrow. But one memorable morning of a Thanksgiving tide some years ago, after bestowing upon us some absolutely cherished moments (said with the darkest of sarcasm) the day before, he came down to breakfast, crawled into his mother's lap and said "mom, my heart is all full of joy this morning." And that is how I feel.

It's rest week.

45' of easy spinning last night. The same tonight, and maybe some other similarly unimpressive effort on Thursday.

Christmas is nearly here and I haven't devolved into a pudgy bucket of goo. I've definitely left discretion at the door on some things (work had a fantastic repast at Rustico in Alexandria on Monday eve - the waitress was kind enough to supply me with an array of the finest tripels on offer, and the carbonara cous cous was rather tasty - you had me at pancetta), but the decided majority of the few pounds I've gained is in my quads. Jesus the things are pretty ripped up these days. The legs of my pants are now tight enough that when I fart it doesn't echo for 35 minutes. Note to team mates - maybe now the new knee warmers won't fall down on me anymore?

The interview with Chris Eatough is up on GamJams and looks pretty farking pro. There's another one already done, edited and in the hopper after that one, and I'm working on the one following that.

I cleared out an amazing amount of old shit on eBay in the last few weeks, and now have sold the wife's old crank. We're going to be bare bones around here, I tell ya. The old PayPal account is looking pretty smacktacular.

We had a funny discussion about Battenkill the past few days, and how the promoter is charging $75 and a lot of people are up in arms about this. Apparently 1400+ people are NOT up in arms about this because they've registered. For those keeping track at home, that gross registration revenue is only about 19% larger than the GDP of Michigan.

If you ever want to kill someone with a piece of wood, ipe is your species. I picked up some 5/4x6"x8' pieces of it yesterday. FOOK! 36 lf of the stuff and it nearly bottomed out the suspension of my car. I also learned that it has the same fire rating as steel.

OK time to get serious I have about 4 more hours of honest to goodness productivity left in me this year.


Jim said...


A cup of ice cold coffee and two wooden nickels is bigger than the GDP of Michigan... I think they should raise taxes and federalize Ford in response to that. That'll fix it.

TerribleTerry said...

Growing up in Cleveland there's only one thing a man hates more than Pittsburgh.....and that's Michigan.