Monday, 20 July 2009

Now In The On Deck Circle... Lost River!

T minus 5 days and counting. After getting the radio situation sorted out on Saturday we finished off distributing fliers to those houses on the course that Jay hadn't yet gotten. We met a few residents along the way, and had some nice conversations. We've officially met the guy out there who's against the race. Never mind that the road in front of his house is about 12 times nicer than it was before, never mind that we are trying to do good things for his area. No, in the three years that we've been running this race, those hundreds of bicycles every year have come flying down the hill in front of his house. Yes sir, those are the facts. One in every crowd, although if he's against it he's against it. I live with the tyranny of the majority (an essay written by a very distant relative of mine - I'm related to everyone named Calhoun in some convoluted way - in regards to a specific position that I find unfathomably indefensible, but as a piece of philosophy it's stunning) as much as anyone, so I can sympathize with his position of not wanting something that everyone around him either wants or at least thinks is cool. The next family we met knew exactly who we were talking about as soon as we said we'd met one guy who was all up in arms about it. Apparently he's the local crackpot.

We finished that and then Jay ripped my legs off again. When you do dirt climbs with too tall a gear two days in a row and have to climb standing with your butt stuck out in order to keep your back wheel stuck to the ground at least some of the time, your back might hurt the second day. Like spasmodic "kill me now" pain. Maybe. Friedrich, where are you, buddy?

Then we dropped in on some friends staying at the Barn, who were having a family Olympics things. Aluminum poles and feats of strength and such. We left just in time to miss the airing of grievances, but not before we ran into a guy from WV who told us of a bunch of heat coming from the WV side. Name brand heat, men and women. Things are not always what they appear, and the P-1-2-3 race is definitely not limited to what it appears as right now. No, not by a long shot.

Our podium is the coolest one you'll stand on. If you get to stand on it. Very pro. Very. There are other accoutrements that we have in store. Very pro. Very.

Save yourself some dough and pre-register. I'd rather have your pre-registration than your late fee, but ultimately it's up to you.

The next race I promote is going to be a sick downhill. That's the only place I can really take my revenge.

As we were calling it a day I took Turn One at something approximating race pace. I tried in vain to look at the speedo as I was going through the turn. It said 18 when I would have started pedaling again, and Jay said it looked like I took the turn fast, so it's not like you have to creep through it. Just be aware of it.


Tim Rugg said...

Let me in on some of this "heat"

I'm on the fence right now - I spent last Friday at the hospital with the flu. I'm on the up and up and still expect to race... even if I need a facemask.

Chuck Wagon said...

Heat. Mad heat. Crazy heat. Get outta the kitchen heat.

No fence. Getting the flu is just rest days.

Drew Armstrong said...

That wouldn't be very rugged.

Tim Rugg said...

Not that again.