Saturday, 18 July 2009

Greetings From Lost River

Fun with radio checks today. Radios and mountains hate each other. Apart from that, and that's actually sorted out, we're ready. If you haven't reg'd but plan to come, you have until Thursday before it costs more. If you miss it, you'll miss it. An enormous undertaking for sure but the people inside are really psyched with what we've got set up. Really psyched. Really freaking psyched.

I got my ass kicked today by Jay, Paul, dirt hills and probably a few other things but not nearly as bad as the ass pounding I would have received in the Coppi masters race. The NCVC 4 team killed it today, with Bert winning his second race in a row and Nate H taking a great result too.

Handing out notices to houses on the route tomorrow, how much fun is that??

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