Thursday, 30 July 2009

I Knew Them When

Holy Crap! I just heard that Nate Wilson and Steven Black got 2nd and 3rd at Junior Nats. Holy Crap!

I remember two winters ago when I was just starting and what turned out to be Steven Black showed up to one of the Cabruce Rides. I was in okay shape compared to most of the group, when we were doing this long loop and challenging ourselves I would take what I thought were these big tough turns at the front. Then Steven would come around and freaking lay down the law. And he's obviously gotten A LOT better since then. Me, not so much.

Nate was already a wheel I could barely hang onto at that point.

Both are from the first crop of kids that came up when Jim Wilson and Co really started doing great things with the NCVC Juniors group. That they manage to do what they do without turning the whole thing into a hateful and grueling Little League Parent Syndrome type of deal is simply excellent. Man do I wish I was 15 again.



Sigberto said...


David Brookes is next.

Jim Wilson said...

Thanks, David. It's good karma, everyone. -- Jim