Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Back To Reality

First two successes of next year's event were a) getting someone who'll do a better job of promoting than I did to agree to slip his neck into the noose and b) get team leadership on board with next year's edition. No final commitment on part b yet, but it seems all good.

Had about the most fun "warm up" I've ever had last night prior to the Goon, when we might have gotten the mother of all drafts from a DOT truck and I might have looked at my average speed when it was over and it might have said 25.7 - including soft pedaling a couple of miles to Beach. It would seem that motor pacing is an incredible workout. Anyone have an old moped I can borrow? The evening went from zoom to bust quickly enough as we were climbing up the short hill to the gate and a loud "PING" came from somewhere close by, answered by someone behind me saying "that didn't sound good.". It wasn't good - a broken spoke on my rear wheel. Lame. A wobbly and slow ride home ensued.

Doing a bit of training right now on site - heat tolerance training. It's not bad enough that it's about 106 degrees and 100% humidity in here anyway, we decided to pour a 4 yard (half a concrete truck) concrete pad for this keg mezzanine. Know how much beer you can fit on 300 square feet of concrete pad suspended 8' above the floor? A lot. Know how much heat 4 yards of drying concrete adds to an already too hot space? More.

We may have created a bit of a monster with my wife riding bikes here. We figured out a little while ago that her fit was a little janked and that although her bike seemed the right size, the post needed a ton of setback. Small frames have really upright seat tubes, not sure exactly why. So she now has this super fancy FSA carbon post - the only one with enough setback, and now everything fits hunky dory. Over 3 hours on Sunday and she was comfy the whole time, and now wants to go ride the big hills all the time. I'm trying to figure out what the down side of this is, and I can't. Most of the reason why I don't race more is that I don't want to miss the time hanging out with the missus. It's not at all that she's giving me some "why are you always racing" trip, it's that I want to hang out with her all the time. I'm a sap, I know. So maybe until (when/if) she wants to race I'll be spending even less time racing but more time having fun going to Skyline and Lost River and stuff. Things could be a hell of a lot worse.

The pictures from Lost River are unbelievable.


Tim Rugg said...

Downside a) She starts beating you

Downside b) Cycling breaks the banks

Upside - You can be a broke sappy guy every racing weekend.

Chuck Wagon said...

A) that would make her different from most how?
B) Campag Boras 1x/yr < shoe fetish. Campag Boras + Shoe fetish = no bueno at all