Monday, 8 June 2009

No Race, No Crash

Sounds like this weekend's racing was brutal on the crash-o-meter, so I'm glad I missed it. We had to do this big layout thing on Saturday, in order to size a mezzanine deck that's going to hold a huge keg fridge. The building is not tremendously square, although not bad, and that affects how big of a deck we can put in. It took all day with the lasers and the total station (wicked cool surveying tool) and lots of good old fashioned squares and tape measures. We got it, but when I got home I was completely wiped out and, for the first time since about forever, bailed on riding on a weekend day. Helped the missus do some cleaning, tried to convince her to play squash with me, then fell asleep.

Yesterday was a pretty big ride in Frederick. Three of us did a bit more than 70 miles (I always forget to turn the power tap back on after stops and flat changes and stuff) encompassing a load of climbing and a bunch of the funnest, fastest descents I've done. I haven't gone over 50 many times on a bike, but did on a couple of occasions yesterday. We each had our successes and defeats. My big moment came on the last part of one climb up to some top tower. I think the road up to it was called Reno Monument. Anyway, there's a last piece up a dead end road to this tower and I got a great jump at the bottom and nursed it to the top. The freaking Scot nearly had me sweating it at the end.

Plenty of road kill. Along the road where the Washington County TT is run, we saw a very large and very smushed turtle. You never like to see that. That road should work out well for me, I like the profile. I should underperform less there than on other courses you could run. After one particularly fast descent down some road that was clearly designed by someone who liked riding two wheeled things down roads, we were discussing how quickly we could have become road kill ourselves. Here we are attacking each other any time the road isn't steep enough that pedaling is useless, launching ourselves to higher and higher speeds on the steep sections. One bad move by a car and... But it's so fun. The former BAR administrator does pretty freaking well on descents, the technicaler the better for him.

It was definitely as rough as 70 miles has treated me.

Last night we went to Korean bbq with some of the wife's co-workers. A huge chunk of Annandale is all about Korean stuff. The place we went to ("The Honey Pig" - awesome) was like being in a foreign country. Korea, to be precise. It's one of those things where you just have to dive in and get after it. It's safe to say the 3500 or so calories I burned on the ride were adequately replaced at dinner.

Lots of racing the next few weeks. Maybe Saturday in PA, then Wash County, Poolesville and Reston. Good stuff.


qualia said...

I do a lot of post-ride recovery dining out in A-dale. Grilling meat at my table, wrapping it in onions and garlic in leaves of romaine, accompanied by all manner of kimchi, bean sprouts, various pickles, seaweed and whatnot? Oh yeah...

Chuck Wagon said...

that's exactly what happened to me last night. lots of octopus