Friday, 5 June 2009

2009 Altarum Lost River Classic p/b GamJams

Registration opens Tuesday. There are a few changes to be made to the info on that page - morning start times are moving up 30 minutes. You can purchase one of these nifty handwoven shirts, or a water bottle with the race logo. They're fantastic. Suitcases of courage sold separately.

Please note that due to a technical difficulty it appears that all of the following links are broken. My HTML magic is no match for what evil lurks. Sorry.

See the race web site for all sorts of details about the race - lodging, maps, directions, profiles, etc.

The Altarum Institute is the title sponsor of the race. You have two things to thank them for. One is sponsoring the race. Your experience at the race will be better because of them. We are able to do some nice things because of their involvement. The other thing you have to thank them for is their work in health care initiatives. Simply put, the more effective they are at doing what they do, the less unhealthy people we have to support, ergo the quicker I can follow Greg's advice and get me those fancy Campag Bora wheels. Okay, a bit of a crass turn on it but whatever gets you to the voting booth, right?

GamJams is the presenting sponsor. In addition to creating a most valuable forum for Cat 4 excuse mongering, Mike has provided a service which has helped create an ever more involved and informed MABRA community. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that each person who reads this has GamJams bookmarked and has spent many a counterproductive work hour there. Support Mike, support his advertisers.

Once again, I can not tell you how great the people and business community of Hardy County have been. If it were not for their welcoming attitude, I would never have been able to get this to where it is. While you are out there enjoying the sights and sounds, please be very respectful of their community and the welcome they've shown us.

Jay and Audrey have done a phenomenal amount of work in getting things going. Without them, none of this would have happened.

That's all for now. Official announcement to follow.


GamJams said...

In point of fact, many of us excuse mongers have since upgraded.

We would have done it sooner if we didn't get boxed out in the sprint. Or gotten crashed by that squirrely guy in turn 2. Or I hadn't dropped our chain on the climb. Or if that team didn't put 5 guys on the front blocking. Or...

Chuck Wagon said...

I've got a Jens Voigt sized suitcase more where those came from! Hell, I'm still packing my suitcase of excuses.

Greg said...

next article: how not to promote a race like a wuss.

Greg said...

what kind of sweatshop slaves hand wove those t-shirts? immigrant women or children? are there guards with guns involved anywhere?

Chuck Wagon said...

1. Easy article - DON'T. Your life doesn't need it, I guarantee.

2. A bunch of smelly hippies who are prepping their skills to smell like patchouli and live out of garbage cans while following this summer's Phish reunion tour. They're also selling Guatemalan-style macrame'd iPhone covers in rasta colors. You should get some!

Greg said...

I will! I need to look legit at Merriweather Post Pavilion in August.

GamJams said...

Greg, that's an inspired idea for an article. I'm all over it.

(Captcha on Dave's site today: "bling". That's ironic.)

Anonymous said...

hold the phone jacksone! (my favorite chuckwagon quote)
bring the pain