Monday, 15 June 2009

Lost River Update

Registration is open and going. Cat 4 and 5 (as expected) are beginning to fill up. Other fields are beginning to get some action, with the exception of the Women's race. I know you guys don't have a lot of competition for available registration slots, but it'd be really cool if we had one or two of you sign up at least.

Almost the entire course is being repaved. Both descents will be entirely resurfaced. If you go out there in the next couple of weeks and see that there is a lot of loose small gravel on the roads, that is part of the process. Much of that gravel gets beaten into and becomes part of the road. The stuff that stays loose will be swept off when they sweep the entire course during the week before the race. We will of course give a final broom cleaning to all turns the day before the race and maintain them during races. The DOT has come through in a huge way and the roads will be in great shape for a bike race.

There are several people who've offered to volunteer at the race. Thank you all, we graciously accept. Anyone who volunteers will be welcome to our Saturday night festivities which should be rather fun and should make Sunday's group ride an ever steeper challenge.

Sign up.


Fatguy Racer said...

Can't wait. I might even have to get new Conti Sport Attacks for the Duc. I hear there's some great motorcycling roads out there.

Anonymous said...

Will Lost River count for MABRA BAR points? The MABRA website says BAR points are only for races in northern VA, DC, MD, and DE. Just wondering.

Chuck Wagon said...

Affirmative. All races for BAR points except Cat 5. We even got a waiver since the distances are shorter than BAR distances. You don't want to race BAR distances on this course, no way.

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