Monday, 1 June 2009


I'm editing this post since I came off as rather gruff and last week I was regretting having come to be known as that angry guy.

No, not the flashy carbon kind, nor even the steady reliable kind that you train on. The kind you jump through. This is what I get.

Filling out a permit application in and of itself is easy. Finding the keys to the castle in order to get in and do said easy part, that's not so easy. After much asking of questions and feeling like an idiot, Esteemed Club President parted the fog for me.

Apparently I have either SARS, pleurisy, dropsy, lumbago, the dengue, the gank, Legionnaire's Diesease, tuberculosis, or some combination of the above. Drugs. I've never been much of a drug guy in my life. We can put a big "used to" next to that one I guess. -edit- Some nominal parting of those clouds has appeared. If you take Mucinex, which I think is some kind of wonder drug, drink one gallon of water per day. This does not count replenishing what you lose through exercise. I am just about to polish off a gallon since about 930 and I'm freaking parched.

Putting on a race is an exciting and unique challenge. If you ever feel like you have too much tie to train or are getting too much sleep, consider promoting a race - especially a brand new one. Boy it sure will help you with those problems! There are so many new and interesting things to find out about, and so many skills that you can call into play. I'm having such a ball with this that I might just go stick my head in an oven.

Was that more cheery?

Love to one and all.

Seriously, check out the video


Sigberto said...

i think it would be fair to say that for each racer that enters the LRC, you're allowed to sit in and suck for any other race of your choice.

Anonymous said...

A new excuse for getting dropped! "I'm promoting a race -- it takes up all of my training time."

Seriously, though, chapeau for the effort in pulling together the LRC. It looks like it will be tons of fun.

Chuck Wagon said...

hey i gotta cover my bases, right?