Friday, 29 May 2009

No Point

What kind of a dummy do I have to be to go to the Point? Even with zero intention of getting involved with any sprints, the whole thing is wrong. My first time on a bike in almost a week au cause de le swine flu, I was going to ride rollers given the crap forecast. Then we convinced each other (with help from that it was all clear. So I get stuck in a t-storm on the way there. Then, while there, and on the very day I review inflation products, a double flat. Who ALWAYS carries a spare CO2, except for the time he needs it? One 12g cartridge doesn't do two flats. All of my karmic good will points have been transferred to the woman who saved me from a long walk. Thank you.

If you ever see me there do me a favor and shoot me.

Then I did a TT home in order to register for Poolesville. No rush, no one registered early. I did crush it on the way home though, so got to play bike path superhero. Oy.


Jim said...

One of the guys on my club recently dubbed Hains "Sketchfest." Proper listerve usage: "Anybody want to go ride Sketchfest after work?"

Man, when a nickname dub fits, it really, really fits, getting to the platonic essence of a thing better than a 10,000 word essay could. I'm reminded of the day I swallowed a bee and it stung my throat, and I was there on the side of the road on my knees, throwing up and dry heaving, and people just kept on riding by - not even a "you okay?" or a "got what you need?"

Drew Armstrong said...

Man, you jinxed yourself w/ that gamjams review, no? I was halfway around the point when I finally caught James to tell him you'd flatted (he's too fast for a guy who doesn't race), and then he proceeded to have the world's strangest mechanical--his pedal fell off. One minute, pedaling with two legs. Next minute, one leg. We still haven't figured it out.

TerribleTerry said...

That's a strange strategy for meeting women.

Drake said...

Sometimes it's best to show up at the Point when the weather is questionable. It usually means less traffic of each kind (foot, rollerblades, cars and bikes).