Thursday, 7 May 2009

Stress Tests All Around

Good thing the Greenbelt got cancelled last night, since I got stuck at the orifice putting together the project schedule fo the current job. It's an unusual project in that we are bailing it out from previous general contracting/project management "solutions" and it's kind of a mess. We're getting it sorted out pretty quickly, but in order to have things open by late July it's going to take some magic. Fits and starts right now - 12 hour days putting the schedule together and doing as-builts (they take forever), but then tedious boredom with generally not much happening. As is the case at the moment.

It seems that the market believes what's being told to them by the stress tests. I, for one, don't. Converting preferred stick into common doesn't change any fundamentals, nor does valuing "toxic assets" at whatever price some guy whose compensation depends on paying back TARP and loosing the reigns of the regime's compensation restrictions says they are worth. "Toxic assets" is a funny term anyway. If they're toxic, aren't they liabilities?

"Winners never quit and quitters never win, but people who never win and never quit are stupid." I hate sucking at things, I hate not winning. It's a delicate line between having the patience to allow things to work and suffering a bad plan for too long. The season this year is so much cooler than it has been, with lots of really good races still three months away. Reinvesting in some fundamental stuff and having an opportunity for relatively instant gratification in terms of success or failure results is great.


Fatguy Racer said...

Dave - Do you need some contract drafting for those as-builts on that project?

Dave said...

It's not a real set of as-builts for post construction, just a simple set to locate a bunch of stuff in particular a mezzanine for a 100 keg cooler (50 beers on tap!!!) and a set of columns for a rooftop deck. But send me your info to dkri at gmail because things are strange on this and I have a feeling this is quickly headed toward design/build where we might need you.

chris said...

Thats a cool picture you got up and applicable with the rainy month we've had...I disagree with the comment bout not winning and still plugging away philosophy is just showing up is half the by that rule one has always won partially by just arriving and trying..not many things in life are finite absolutes in my opinion..good post and interesting the mix of race and work tie in.

Fatguy Racer said...

Dave - your profile doesn't have a contact link. Ping me with an email address, my profile does. Thanks!