Friday, 8 May 2009

Lost River Race News

The Altarum Lost River Classic presented by GamJams continues to move swiftly along the path to righteousness.

A big debt of thanks is owed to Jay's sister Robin for the awesome logo you see at the top of the page. It's almost Mother's Day, some of you are married to mothers, some of you may be mothers, some of you may be involved in creating more new mothers. As luck would have it, Jay's sister runs this great lingerie shop, so since so many of you have racing habits that are tolerated and/or supported by the mother of your children, have a look see over there and pay it forward. If you buy stuff for your actual mother, I'd really rather not know about that. Thanks.

The registration page is up, but registration is not yet live. Flyer is still in permit review. We'll give warning before registration.

The race web site, which you should book mark, will have links for housing options out there, etc. The community out there is tremendously psyched to host this race. If things go as expected, there is every chance that the 2010 edition will be a truly ridiculous affair with a Tour worthy course. For now we are going to get this first one done as well as possible.

We plan to offer race logo t-shirts and water bottles for purchase. We are working on sponsorship all the time in order to bring every aspect of this to you as cost effectively as possible. The simple fact is that the race is expensive to promote. There is every amount of evidence that the extra few bucks that this will cost versus a run of the mill race will be more than worth it.


GamJams said...

I bet your "lingerie shop" link gets more clicks than "registration page." If it does, let me know and I'll begin running an ad on GamJams for the lingerie shop, but send the link to the registration page.

Anonymous said...

"Honey, as thanks for all the training and racing you put up with, I got you something for Mother's Day that will make me very happy."

Chapeau to whoever tries (and gets away with) that.

Chuck Wagon said...

Hey it's a higher % shot than getting her some new race wheels for Mothers Day, right?