Thursday, 23 April 2009

GamJams Reviews: Floor Pumps

My floor pump is of unknown provenance. It says "Ozone Comp" on it. It's wicked old but works just fine. An o-ring fell off of it recently, but it still works fine. Not perfectly but fine.

When I'm forced to pony up for a new one, it will need to have a nice handle and an accurate guage. Mine has a gauge but I think it reads low. I also probably neglect to pump my tires up often enough which may explain my pump's longevity, as well as my general insousciance (that's a big word without spell check - I hope I got it right) about pumps. If the one I've got has lasted this long, I won't mind splashing some dough on the next one since the cost per use gets to darn near negative it's lasted so long.

On Tuesday I set a new 20' standard for myself and last night did a couple of climbs out of Great Falls in record time. I now find myself in that "hurry up and rest" mode before Ephrata. The 3-4 field there is huge and has lots of fast guys. We have 3 good guys going up, plus a good friend now on another team. He's fun as hell to race with but since he moved we don't get to see him much. No promises on this one. It'll be a challenge, but I will feel like a bit of an ass if I put up a lame time trial. I've only done 2 of them before, both were mid fleet efforts, but I think I've improved in a couple of ways since then. This is supposedly a good course for someone with none of the tt crap like me. I just rock the clip on bars. I did a test to know that I can roll hard when I use them. Whether I'm aero or not remains to be seen.

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