Saturday, 25 April 2009

Boot and Rally

Interesting day today. The Ephrata 3-4 road race started out hard with me in pretty bad position. The 12 or so mile laps featured about 18 turns apiece, so I had a good sprint interval workout. The first time up the hill was a bit scary. There was a lot of detritus moving backward and navigating it was a challenge. I was also having some - interesting - burps. Great. The pollen and heat were posing issues of their own. I'm guessing I looked a little like WC Fields with my nose all freaked out. This deal also gives me ear and jaw aches. Definitely off to we the allergist. Probably some sinus infection made worse by trees having sex. .

The second lap was much better. Still with the corner sprints but I'd settled in better. The burps kept coming and the pollen was no treat but it was manageable. Toward the end of the lap there was a crash that I got around with a little bit of fancy dancing, but there was clearly something in my gut that didn't fancy the concept of what in effect turned into a 52 mile crit. Guys were definitely giving me the "dude, dont puke on me" look. So I hung in there up to the feed zone on the third lap when things seemed about to come to a boil with my gut, pulled to the side after the feedzone and piled bile into a field for a while. Tastes great and definitely less filling.

The field (down to maybe 40 from 90 starters) was going pretty slowly (of course) when I got back on so I tried to chase but it was a losing battle. I tried to keep a respectable pace for the rest of the race, passed some other stragglers and finished a couple of minutes down. Currently I'm rubbing my mangina, drinking pedialyte, enjoying the world of fun in my stomach and also loving my ear ache. Later I plan to highlight the evening with some Benadryl. Why do we do this again?

Today's lesson was that I need to be much more aggressive about positioning and add in a healthy amount of short intense intervals. And get this sinus/ear thing dealt with. Try to roll a good tt in the morning and then see how the crit goes.


Sigberto said...

bad day at the office... take care of yourself davek.

how'd the other boys do?

Chuck Wagon said...

Bad day all around. Steven was best, Drew was slightly ahead of me. Newport was behind even us.

I didn't mention that this race was f-ing fast for the most part. Like down in the drops and chew on your bars fast.

Jim said...

>>>>Probably some sinus infection made worse by trees having sex...

Man, I hate fuckin' trees.