Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hot Sauce

The doctor promised me arthritis in my knee and he wasn't wrong. I think I just lit my leg on fire with hot creme. If you hear screaming on Dalecarlia near Sibley, that'll be me. Between the repeats and this creme I ought to be dead within the hour.

Seriously, I think I f'd up here. Now I have to pee, so I'll probably light the old johnson on fire too!

This crap is hot.



Boz said...

Arthritis in the damaged knee? Sound familiar. It's been kicking my ass for quite some time, but now that the weather is starting to warm up, it's a lot better. The ortho doc sez a new knee is in order, gave me some Ultram for the pain, and sent me on my way.

Chuck Wagon said...

No bueno, man. Mine's not that acute quite yet, I don't ingest anything for pain and only have to rub the muck on it every so often. Like after this weekend's festival of pain, hatred and malice.

New knee is long term horizon. Maybe we'll get picked up by Team OUCH?

Jim said...

No huge spikes in training volume, 'kay? That's what gets my rheumatoids to flare up.

Cripes Dave. We're old men.

hfang said...

Sounds like some great warm up creme.

I can feel for you, as when my gout appears in my knees, it gets all swollen and painful. If I catch it early enough, I take a bunch of Ibuprophen and it keeps the swelling and damage down and the recovery much faster. I hear Naproxen works even better.
I don't know if that helps or not for you though. Gout is a bit similar to arthritis. Best of luck.

Make sure you wash the hands before you pee! LOL

ME said...