Thursday, 19 March 2009

GamJams Reviews - Cleaners and Degreasers

Once again I'm the guy who doesn't use bike specific stuff. We buy cleaners and degreasers by the truckload at the job site so I just use that stuff. Zep brand orange citrus degreaser works pretty well. I've heard Simple Green is bad for a lot of metals so even though it gets the chain clean I won't use it. Greased Lightning isn't up to the task of my chain.

For the cleaning bit I just water down the orange stuff, but I do occasionally wax my frame. I like shiny. Meguiar's all the way.

My big tip is if you live in a condo or apartment and have no ready hose, get a 2 gallon pump handle garden sprayer. No more than $10 and problem solved. We have a balcony which makes things much easier.


Pete said...

AWESOME. That hand-pump is a great tip. I will no longer shuttle small buckets of water from the 11th floor down to my left-alone multi thousand $$ ride..

Kyle Jones said...

Yeah I have to thank dave for that tip about garden pump. I have been doing that for the past year and a half. Life saver if in apartment or on road. I wash the sg off pretty soon after put it on. I have never heard it was bad.