Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tradezone B Act 2

People who stayed home today were smart. The weather just sucked. ABRT showed up with a ton of dudes and exerted considerable influence on the race. They did a good job and got the win.

I was more involved in this race than last week. It was kind of a deal where if you're going to be out there, there's no sense in not getting after it. There were 8 or 9 people who obviously felt the same way, including my team mate Joe. He was either on the front or in a break all freaking day. If we were going to be more effective in overcoming ABRT's advantage, we would have had to ride a lot differently, but it was fun enough as it was. Good workout.

Last half of last lap, there are 2 ABRT dudes far ahead, gone. You couldnt even see them (or anything else) so I think very few people realize this. I didn't. Joe is on the front of the group and has been for a good while. I'm 4th wheel. We're wrong at that point, I know. Joe just had the bit today and was killing it. I'm enjoying watching it and along for the ride anyway, so I'm trying to make the best of the situation. We have no other team mates in the race, 2nd wheel is an unattatched guy (or just wearing non-team jacket and tights), 3rd wheel is an ABRT dude who's been really active throughout the race. I'm in the middle of working on my sprint but it's not good yet. I'm also pretty tired from a hard race, not fresh like I was last week. So after turn 3, Joe pulls off like halfway down that stretch. He's done. 2nd wheel takes off as soon as he hits the front. ABRT dude between us also goes. I go as well, and we get a small gap through the turn. Halfway to the finifh from the last turn we are still 1, 2 and 3. Then a bunch of ABRT dudes come by. I don't know if the dude who'd been leading won or not but it was all close. I'm pretty sure I got last of this group, which would be 7th. Next was pretty far back from that. I need to work on the short hard efforts as we move toward real races. I know I could have played this better but I'm not sure how.

Anyhow, fun race. Kyle did well so it will be interesting to get his viewpoint.

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Kyle Jones said...

Thanks for entertaining us today at tradezone. You guys tried and that is a lot more than most in other races we have been at. I will write mine up tomorrow, hopefully.