Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Boy, Do I Love The Trainer!

Absolutely love it. The trainer to me is like Jimi's guitar in "Manic Depression." Can't get enough.

I broke my seat last week. Apparently I need to go on a diet. It was a Performance knock-off of an SLR, which I thought was discontinued when I bought the knock-off. It was not then, nor is it now. I put on my old Flite Gel. That thing is like riding a Barcalounger. Maybe I'll roll with it for a while.

Good workout today. Main set was 3 minutes at endurance power, 2 minutes high tempo/low threshold power, 1 minute at 5 minute max power, lather, rinse, repeat 7 times. Probably I need to do a test since my old threshold is feeling a bit easy these days. That's a good thing, right?

Okay so here's a joke I heard today. A kid asks his dad for a new 10 speed bike (cycling related, even). The dad says "son, I would like nothing more in the world than to get you a new bike, but times are really hard, your mother just lost her job, and we have a $300,000 mortgage to pay." Well the next day the father sees his son walking out the front door with a suitcase in his hand, and says to the kid "hey, where are you going." The kid responds "I heard you and mom last night. You said you were pulling out, and she said oh no wait for me I'm coming too, and you guys are crazy if you think I'm gonna stay here and get left with a $300,000 mortgage and no bike!"

Have a lovely day.


crispy said...

Trainers are awesome! Mine's helping make me fast :-)

DJ Bike Police said...

I love the joke! Funny, dirty and cycling related. What more could you ask for!