Thursday, 15 January 2009

GamJams Reviews - Hydration: Gu2O & Gatorade

One time a team mate suggested squeezing a Gu into a bottle of energy drink. This was the most disgusting thing I've ever tried. Thankfully it was during one of my diligent phases and I tried it in training first.

I don't necessarily notice the effects (or lack thereof) of a sports drink during a ride. When I do notice it is after the ride, when I will feel wasted and recover slowly. This was in full effect a few weeks ago, after I did that 75 mile ride on just one bottle.

Gu is a team sponsor, and until about two days ago I coordinated that deal for our team. Gu2O is a fine product that works well. It doesn't give you wings or anything, but the mango flavor tastes good, and it seems to hook me up. He big feature of Gu2O is that it is NOT at all syrupy sweet.

Gatorade, on the other hand, is pretty sweet tasting. It has two big advantages - a bucket of mix that will last three months is about $10, and it's available everywhere. Many are the rides when some backwater convenience store's stock of Gatorade hooked me right up. Any flavor that is blue? Yeah, I avoid those.

Water works great for anything less than about 90 minutes, but if I've done a hard workout I will definitely down some sports drink afterwards to help recover, even if the ride was short.


Robb said...

that gu2o stuff gives me the worst stomach pains in the world. i've won these things in premes in the past so i really wanted to try it out on two know, so i feel that the stuff i won was cool. i wonder what's in it that makes my stomach so upset?

Chuck Wagon said...

don't know. It mixes better with not cold water, other than that???

Sigberto said...

c'mon man, light blue "Glacier Freeze" gatorade is the BEST.

Kyle Jones said...

I get that flat stomach feeling if I consume way to much gatorade. I do like the rain stuff. You have to take it in doses and not purely ride on the stuff. Thats at least what I have found.

Dave K said...

the stuff might taste like pumpkin pie but i'll never know. blue gatorade is a filthy animal.