Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wind Aplenty

The sensor that showed us that it was blowing 46 mph is slightly off camera to the right. Notice that the left, further away from shore, is quite a bit more windy. This was a BIG WEDNESDAY.

There's a funny and classic VCR tape that we had in some flop house I lived in up in Rhody. It's of an old edition of this Round the World Race called the Jules Verne Trophy. The winner is shown going around Cape Horn (the southern tip of South America, and one of the most nasty and legendary passages in the world) in wind that makes this picture look tame. Seas are rolling about 40 feet, no joke. The narrator, a Kiwi, simply says "reounding the hawn, weend aplenty."

So the next time you're, say, out walking the dog with the missus and the dog all of a sudden flies off down the street, just casually turn to the lady and say "wauking the dawg, weend aplenty."

Some other fun phrases for when it's windy:
Blowing the dog off the chain
Blowing the oysters off the rocks
Blowing the burger out of the bun
Blowing the mail out of the box
The sheep are in the meadow (whitecaps being sheep, get it?)
Breeze on (best said casually while watching your buddy's dog fly down the road)
A day for the big lads (gravitationally enhanced sailors generally being at an advantage when it looks like above)

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Greg said...

I'll totally use those, but not in the context you suggested.