Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The 40 Game

This year I invented a new game on Beer Night. It's called the 40 game. Every player has a 40. At any point, a player can call out "sip and blow," whereupon said player takes a sip from his 40 and blows into the bottle, Emmett Otter Jug Band style. Each other player then takes a jug band blow into his own bottle. If the original sip and blow caller sounds the lowest note, the other players all take a sip (or a "one bobber," as your adam's apple should bob once during one sip). If the original caller doesn't sound the lowest note, he drinks a two bobber. Any participant can make a challenge, whereupon he takes a slug from his beer to the extent that he thinks he will be able to sound the lowest note. If he is successful in the challenge, the original caller drinks a three bobber. If the challenger is unsuccessful, it's a four bobber for him.

Early in the game, we found out that putting your 40 in a paper bag adds an appropriate visual element to the game, and also makes the challenges much more suspenseful.

Somewhat later in the game, we found out that playing this game gets you absolutely hammered.

I think our Nights In Rodanthe were a little different than what's going to be in the movie theaters.


Jim said...

Jeebus dude.

I heard the neighbors in Beverly (Hills, that is...) were a little leery about you but I had no idea. It's possible you may have as checkered and boozy a past as I do. Which is wonderful but not something I'd admit to publicly.

Pete said...

That is the best game I've heard of since I started playing "Drink All the Beer"

David Kirkpatrick said...

So Jim, I guess then that I shouldn't say that this game was played as an adjunct to a game of asshole?

Drink All The Beer is one of my favorites too.