Wednesday, 4 June 2008

You Have No Idea... cool this shot is. You have to trust me on this. This boat is a bad mother. No seriously, this is a class of boat called a TP52. So named because they were originally designed to do the TransPacific race from LA to Diamond Head. Not because they're made out of TP - they have a TdF worth of carbon, and then some, in these bad boys. I did like a 180 mile race on one of these doggies a couple of years ago and it was a complete pissah.

Red Rose Races have cancelled the remainder of their races for the year. Although I appreciate the sentiment of them holding off their schedule while I recuperate, it sucks for you guys. They had some fun races, but I guess there were issues.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say no Greenbelt tonight? A tornado watch is in effect there until 8pm. Look at all this racing I'm not missing!

For anyone who hasn't yet gotten clued into it, Chain Love is pretty sweet.


John P. said...

I've never sailed anything that wicked, think 24ft MacGregor and 38ft C&C's, but as a long time sailboat guy I can imagine it's a thrill.

I'd jump at the chance if offered though. :p

Chuck Wagon said...

John, They are simply awesome. 8 knots upwind tacking through about 80 degrees and just bullshit fast downwind. We were doing 22 for hours on end on the race I did. Oddly enough they are really easy to sail. A bit finicky to drive upwind, downwind helming could not be easier.