Thursday, 5 June 2008

Completely Cooked

More sailing photos. The 2 trimarans are these French beasts that the frogs are just nuts for. Over there, this is as big as Nascar. The small boats are called Melges 24s. I used to race these a lot. 3rd in North Americans and 2 East Coast Champs wins. They are an absolute blast. The big boats are more TP52s. The green and black boat is ugly as shit but some of my friends sail on it and they're doing really well with it this summer.

Just back from my first physical therapy appointment. Lots of good news and some bad news. Start with the bad - walking 3 blocks over rolling terrain on crutches is a catstrophically hard thing to do. I was not ready for that. Holy cats. I had to stop and catch my breath midway there. On the way back, same deal, only I stopped and sat down. The moving around that I've done in the last coule of weeks to build up for this is the equivalent of riding your bike a few times around the block and then trying to finish a century. Not going to happen. So I'll have to build up my stamina in walking around and getting from point a to point b.

The good news: my PT wants to get me back to life by Labor Day. This is over a month sooner than the by the book conservative schedule. She thinks that I may be able to bear weight on my leg by the end of this month, which opens up a whole world of stuff, like driving. I will be pedalling a stationary bicycle next week. My right leg is so atrophied it's unbelievable. It looks like it should be on an 80 year old lady.

Lots of exercises to do and a lot of work ahead of me, but definitely today, despite the fact that going a quarter mile was about as hard as anything I've ever done, was definitely the most encouraging day I've had in the last month.

Very cool to have a Park Police Officer provide his thoughts on the trail speed limit issue.

I have to pass out now.

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