Thursday, 26 June 2008

Lawd Be Praised!

I can swim, put weight on my right foot and bend my knee. Maybe soon I will go Big Daddy and learn to wipe my own ass. This all reminds me of the joke about the kids who find a couple bucks and decide what they're going to do with the shares, and the smart kid decides to get an OB tampon - because with an OB tampon you can swim, ride bikes, go horseback riding, all the fun stuff.

Perhaps the best part is I get to stride around in one of those ultra chic compression socks that are all the rage among triathletes. Maybe once I start riding again I will go with a sleeveless jersey and some armwarmers to keep the look going.

All right, still a long way to go - 6 of 20 weeks are past. At the next milestone in one month I look forward to walking and driving.

The freaking psycho doctor decides to test my leg by grabbing my knee in one hand and my ankle in the other and pushing across the joints.

On Monday one of the physios saw me crutching home from the Metro (their office is real close to our house), saw my purple swollen foot and called my physio and ratted me out. I got home to a ringing phone and a "get in here now I need to see what this thing is doing." So that put me right at ease.

The market sure took it in the can today, huh? I think it was around September last year, with the Dow around 13,500 when I said "the Dow is closer to 12k than it is to 14k, and 11k isn't out of the picture." Well, apart from one pretty significant dead cat bounce, it never spent any time near that heady level again. We are now at a new low for the year and 11k is not only not out of the picture, it is decidedly in the picture. Sweet. Good thing about those energy stocks though, huh? Ever feel like the world is falling apart? I do. But seriously, thank God for expensive gas. It is going to change my world for the markedly better, and I think it will do the same for the world at large.

I was kind of a ass to my wife last night. There's a lot of pressure that's been building up on me and it came to a boil last night. The moral of the story is don't be a douche to your wife when she is pretty much working triple time so your crippled ass can have some semblance of a life. There, I said it - SCREW CHEF. Sorry.

All right, time to go get an OB tampon.


RayMan said...

Hi Dave

Keep up the good recovery and be nice to your wife before she puts all your bike stuff on eBay.


Bryan Vaughan said...

Good to hear you are making progress. Keep at it. I know from my own shattered ankle experience that your life, as you have aptly described, gets broken down into totally different goals and objectives than everyone else. It's humbling - but kind of funny that wiping your own ass can be so rewarding, right?

Jim said...

Yah Bryan, we really shouldn't take the joys of wiping one's own ass for one's self for granted. Here we are, not even thinking about the joys of wiping our ass, then one day, it's taken from us.

The joy of wiping, that is, not the ass. Gotta watch that subject/verb agreement.

Keep gettin' better David.

specialrider said...

Since we're on the topic of ass wiping, Im going to let you in on a secret of mine that Ive learned while raising 2 little crumb crunchers and could help you during your recovery....its only one word: "flushablebabywipes". Lets just say they are not only for kids.

you may be skeptical at first, but they have saved me from taking showers on more that a few occasions, and I can actually walk!

although having said that, I will be on my way home shortly to meet Roto-Rooter...probably not a coincidence.