Friday, 7 March 2008

Unleash The Fury

It looks like mother nature is going to unleash the fury at our training camp at the Raw Talent Ranch this weekend. I guess the true hard guys are made, not born. This may all just result in some hard drinking.

The markets are certainly unleashing the fury. We are just a couple of hundred points away from being officially in a bear market. Last summer, my opinions sounded like those of a dire pessimist. Now, not so much. I have grave misgivings about the way the economy is going. As things that I feared would happen turn into reality, my outlook just gets more and more dim. America is going to get a wakeup call upside the head something fierce, and as awful as it sounds, I welcome it. The whole fiscal irresponsibility thing has pissed me off for years, and I'm glad to see it take a hit. Plus, if you've been responsible and kept your shit together, there is a whole new world of real estate options that are opening up.

Riding outside yesterday was pretty sweet. It got a little darker than I'd hoped it would while I was out there, but I had ultimate faith the the fury of lighting that my miniature Knog lights unleashed would be sufficient. I'm here typing and not a stain on the road, so that's good. Pyramid intervals up Old Angler's definitely unleash the fury. My last two intervals were on flat ground rather than up the hill. I decided I needed to get home before it turned pitch black, so I did my final 2 and 1 minute intervals headed in on Macarthur. I find it more difficult to unlese the fury of watts on flat ground than on hills. This is something I need to train, which I did somewhat successfully last night. My last 1 minute interval was just a peach, and it's pretty fun to go down the road at like 28 or however the hell fast I was going.

After a week of having my right cleat shimmed I think I've got the perfect angle by backing off just a bit from how much I'd shimmed originally. My knee goes straight up and down and hip pin is a memory. The funny and unexpected thing is how comfy the drops are now. Cool.

The last furious thing is how quickly I'm getting down to weight. My plan at the outset was to change nothing in terms of eating and let the increased work load get me down to weight. It's worked.


Drew said...

I'm gonna get you fat this weekend to slow you down. Get ready for some WeightGainer3000 mixed into your pasta sauce, buddy.

Chuck Wagon said...

I prefer the kind that is sold in brown bottles and tastes like beer.

TCR James said...

You must be thrilled about Congress
efforts to browbeat the POTUS into accepting a government bailout of anybody with a 'troubled mortgage.' As one of our major candidates might put it, *I* am the mortgage bailout they've been waiting for.

And I, for one, am thrilled to be in the barrel. I'm here sitting in my modest townhouse purchased on a 30year fixed, paying my bills, having achieved financial stability for the first time in my life... and looking to maybe wind up behind the eightball again when the tax hike hits. Can't tell you how we are looking forward to bailing out our neighbors just up the road, with their troubled 3/1 ARMs, $800k detached on one acre, $100k kitchens, hummers and escalades in the driveway. Yeah, a government bailout of the people who bought big screens and luxury sport utes and houses *way* over their income potential is just what people like you and me should be made responsible for. You know, I make as much as they do thanks to an immense investment in my own education (still paying it off at $1200/month) and busting my butt at a tough job. Yet my wife and I live a lifestyle way below their posh lifestyle because we spend responsibly and pay our bills on time. Yet we're going to be forced to subsidize these sybarites, and if we speak out against the government looting us we will be called immoral and mean-spirited for having the nerve to complain.

I'm pissed about this, and think that if the government's primary business is now looting, I probably made some bad life choices by choosing military and public service, and by living responsibly. Shoulda gotten on the side of the pirates a lot earlier in my life. Hey, I wonder if it's too late to assume the "troubled" mortgage of one of my ersatz-wealthy neighbors?