Monday, 10 March 2008

Cooked Talent

When I rode over this switchback (and the 50 others it comes with), I could barely see it through the fog.

There were some tired eyes and aching legs around the breakfast table on Sunday morning, and the "get up and go" factor that had shown through even Saturday morning's fog and rain was somewhat lacking. Several pots of coffee inspired much more flushing of toilets than enthusiastic bravado.

While not quite as epic as Saturday's journey through thunder, lightning, sleet and snow, we got a good ride in on Sunday. 50 miles of what seemed like really easy rolling terrain. Before Saturday, we probably would have described Sunday in terms like "Queen Stage" and "brutal sufferfest." Perspective is everything I guess. Even though ace mechanic and all around do way more than his fair share guy Rob had tried to make sure all of our bikes were in working order, the peloton's noise was far more about squeaky drive trains than boastful banter. In short, we were pretty cooked.

Chris P drew first blood with a series of blistering sprints through state lines, over bridges and basically anywhere else he could flaunt his superiority as a fast man. El Ocho finished off the day with a bid for glory and the most aggressive rider jersey. Big Drew redeemed himself by flying past all the guardrails on the weekend's final climb.

We feel even worse than we look.

I have to throw some big props to my team mates who rode Tradezone this weekend. Steven K and Greg got in the early break which stuck the whole freaking race from 2 laps in. Unbelievable stuff and clearly some very attentive and hard riding on their part. Great work - riding at the front and staying tuned in really make a huge difference.

The team is coming together. There have been some rough moments and bleak days when things seemed like they'd never take shape, but at least A corner has been turned. Some of the guys are headed to Strasburg this weekend with high expectations all around.

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