Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Six Weeks To Tour Fitness

I figure Bicycling gets away with recycling the same 4 headlines year in and year out, so why can't I? Of course, find me a GQ/Men's Health/Women's Health/Outside type magazine that didn't run a "Your Best Year Ever" cover for January and, well, you'll have found something I didn't.

Did you ever get to about say 1 o'clock and so much crap had come across your desk that you just wanted to say "that's it, no more, I'm full, come back tomorrow?"

Now I get to write and distribute logistical plans on how everyone's part gets played in pouring post-tensioned elevated slabs. If that's not the kind of glamorous assignment that's gonna bring the ladies right to my door, well I'll just quit right now.

New look for the page. Still go Hoyas (and Jessie Sapp is looking like the new Jeff Green, btw, the guy is all money), but it's team colors time. I want to do our kit design for next year, I think I've got a silly on tap.

Later, I will be going to the Federal Pound Me In The A$$ prison that is my workout schedule. Lovely.

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