Thursday, 7 February 2008

Sensational Abs!

Even though fitness celebrity John ("Fitness Made Simple") Basedow apparently lives scant miles from where I grew up, I've never had 6 pack abs. I do a lot of crunches and stuff. My core is pretty strong, but I don't have the rippling abs to get me where I need to be, which is on magazine covers, dammit.

We have a plaza deck now, or at least the beginning of one. On Monday, we will have a lot more of a plaza deck and by the last week of the month we will have an entire ground floor. I can already feel the restful sleep coming to me, as I stop bolting upright at 3am thinking about the waterproofing, the utility stubs, the building permit (our permit to work above grade was issued yesterday - nothing like the nick of time, huh?), the complete and utter lack of anywhere to put stuff, etc. You know the scene in Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels when they figure out that they're all in the clear and they just get slaughtered drunk? The day we finish this project, I am going to get slaughter drunk.

I've also realized that I will never work in the office again. B-O-R-I-N-G. Even if I spend half my day dealing with crap that at the moment I would give large sums not to have to deal with, at least it's interesting. The one real negative that I notice is that it freaks me out when people are nice and competent. I went to a new dentist today and the people were totally cool, no drama, friendly as all... I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, because in my world it almost always does, but it didn't. Plus, my dentist looks like Barack Obama. And I mean SPITTING FREAKING IMAGE. If Obama gets elected and they do a real life remake of that movie Dave, Dr. Lawrence will play the stand in.

Speaking of politics, I'm not really pro- anyone in particular, but I am anti- two candidates like you can't believe. I won't tell you who they are, you can't make me so don't ask. But one of them dropped out today. Now if the other decides she doesn't want to run anymore, that'll be just peachy.

All right then, I am sure Hunter Allen and his program have some misery scheduled for me tonight. Off then.

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