Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Absolute Baloney

The Chinese Government is making athletes attending this summer's Olympics sign a "non-criticism" oath. Mao-inspired hair or not, this pisses me off. Will the brain surgeons who thought it was a good idea to hand them the Games please stand up? The sailing event is going to be a farce, as the place where it's being held (Qingdao) is known to have no wind. After many days spent sailing in rain but no wind, I've conclusively proven to myself that you can not, in fact, heel the boat just right and have the falling rain act as a substitute for wind. Maybe pollution works better than rain. They will find out in Qingdao.

-20 to the Brits for agreeing to force their athletes to sign this. Also to the Belgians and Kiwis. Weak.

The Olympics in general seem to be getting less important. Maybe this started after my favorite ex-presidential candidate was caught buying the Games for Salt Lake City. Maybe it's just one of the many things that I'm becoming over-jaded (to keep with the Chinese theme - get it?) about as I age.

BTW, I'm not anti Chinese people, and I'm DEFINITELY not anti-Chinese movies. 'Hero" and 'House of Flying Daggers' are as good as it gets, especially the girl who plays Mai in Flying Daggers. She is one bad mujere. The Chinese Government, on the other hand, is a farce, a shell, a shadow, a chimera. Ridiculous.

Maybe Paolo Bettini will win the road race and adorn his kit with pollution grey stripes?

Did everyone vote today? I didn't. The Maryland primaries are closed. No libertarians allowed. I think I'll change to independant. I still won't be able to vote in primaries. Voting in this one would have been easy for me, in either party. As imperfect as they are, and as little hope as I have in the office of the President being able to effect positive change (I think the Beltway is a one way street that goes downhill), I at least like one candidate from each party.

Alas, none of this will help me in my quest to deliver a Kanye-style overlong acceptance speech at Poolesville. The trainer and I have an appointment for a 90 minute very low effort spin tonight. It is actually these mellow boring workouts that I find the hardest to do. Far more interesting to bash one's brain in.


Kyle Jones said...

I really do not like the Olympics unless they are showing races or feats of strength. NBC sure builds 50 percent of its Olympic coverage around Womans gymnastics and dance. It really turns me off and I think tv is built mostly for the female audience. I watch the Olympics and wish they would just show the competition then the half hour feel good stories. Then if you want to watch the thing you want you have to have cable and have to stay up till 3am to catch it. So I will boycott the TV coverage if you do.

Chuck Wagon said...

it's a deal, although one of my household will probably watch all of the gymnastics.
they won't show a minute of cycling, nor will they show any sailing where i'd actually know competitors.
there is some obscure channel that's been showing speedskating. an odd but excellent thing to watch on the trainer.

Jim said...

Hey, the Brit OC's ban on political free speech in defiance of tyranny is nothing. Did you get a load of the Archbishop of Canterbury's comments about how the UK oughtta integrate Sharia law into the common law?

Glad you're excited about the election. All's I see in the General , if they were beers, is Nixon Ice, Nixon Genuine Draft, and Carter Dark. Not optimistic... Perhaps doing public policy work has soured me on the Glory that is Democracy.

Hey, and what's with you being down on the Olympics? Aren't you looking forward to 93 hours of Bob Costas doing human interest stories about the athletes' families, friends, and tribal villages?

Hmmm. Perhaps watching Bob Costas has soured me on the Glory that is the Olympics...

Jim said...

Why do I keep saying "Hey"?

Gabba gabba.

Kate said...

listen chuck, do you know how effing hard gymnastics is? of course i'll watch it, it will be ENTERTAINING and the majority of the american viewing audience agrees with me. what gets me is the softball coverage. now that is a bunch of fat unathletic chicks serving up a fresh dose of yawn chai tea. softball is the sport for femmes (and i use that word with immense trepidation) that don't run fast enough to play soccer, or any other sport that requires any sort of stamina. I like the swimming too you know. LYMI- FPG

Kyle Jones said...

My wife is going to love hearing about this. haha. I am not alone.