Thursday, 17 January 2008


Usually I bitch about how much I work. Today we closed the site at 1pm and instead of reviewing a stack of new shop drawings that came in or doing a bunch of other stuff, I left. Got home at 2 and just woke up from a nap. Good rest day.

Last night I had a 55 minute trainer ride, which in Hunter Allen-ese means 1:25. You see, his work intervals never add up to what he says the workout is going to be. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. Sometimes a lot less. I have never done so little work so painfully in my life. Anything over 60% of threshold felt like heavy things were being thrown at me. Hard. I couldn't wait to get off and drop it like it's hot. Then I went to yoga at the dojo with the FPG. "Put him in a body bag, Johnny!" I am not the world's most flexible man. Not nearly. I am really good at the asleep pose at the end of it. Also, they had this thing where your partner holds up your feet while you do plank, updog and downdog and I was mint at that. One of the special things was while your feet were being held straight back behind you, your partner dropped one of your legs by surprise and you were supposed to hold your foot straight back as though it was still being supported. I was like the most namaste in the whole class at that.

Well, the plan for today says to get some stretching and rest in, so I think I'll go stretch out on the couch for another nap.


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