Sunday, 20 January 2008

Timing Is Everything

What a perfect day for a rest day. I got as ambitious as going to the bagel store this morning. The man said rest, and I did.

Yesterday was a pretty good example of a team working at full click. We had the Cabruce clinic at Hains Point, a weekly session where new team members can work on some of the skills that will help them be more successful and safe throughout the year to come. Pretty much the entire elite team showed up to help out. They seem to have made this a priority, which is really cool. They get a lot of support from the team throughout the year and they are being rather good about paying it forward. The new people on the team are suitably enthusiastic and are learning at a great clip. Good stuff.

I had a good day on the bike, setting benchmarks for 5 seconds and 1 minute despite having zero intentions to do so. After what I'd felt like a couple of days ago, this was a total shock. It's easy to put a lot of value judgments on what you're able to do and not do at this point, but I'm just going to go with persistence and faith, hard as it may sometimes be. Stick to the plan and trust in the rest. It's been happening so far, so despite sometimes feeling a little bit less than complete during these intermediate stages, I'm sticking with it.

Well, now it's official because the NY Times is reporting on it, but foreignors are officially buying us out. This is another sign of the apocalypse. Remember, a period of intense inflation will occur during the time when all the foreign entities that hold a lot of dollars will be buying the hell out of US assets to try and get some leverage out of those dollar holdings before they turn to fairy dust. But have no fear, you are probably going to get a $300 check at some point in the not too distant, and you can use this to paper the cracks in your personal financial situation.

Plans have been launched for a raucous water-borne Florida vacation this March, which should be freaking awesome. You'll see me with some great sunburn leftovers working in the early spring races. Sweet.

This week should suck plenty, with temperatures breaking freezing for at least an hour or so one or two days. Life really sucks when that goes on. It's just not cool.

Finally, it was a total nuts weekend in NCAA hoops. The Terps beat NC, a lot of good teams lost, and the Hoyas beat Fatty Arbuckle and the Fighting Irish in a rout. Word.

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