Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Faster Than a Needle of Borrowed Blood...

…into Tyler Hamilton’s vanished twin, the three major indices each lost about 1.5% of their values today. Oil went over $100 a barrel. A key manufacturing report had nothing but bad news. The numbers may have nominally held up through bonus season, but now I think pretty much the whole yard is pointed south.

Anyone who was out at Hains Point yesterday is recognizable from the wind burn on their faces today. At one point I lead the group up the river side, into the wind, and was going around 18 mph and putting out about 450 watts. When I decided to pull off the front, it was like slow motion as the riders filed by. I had to fight pretty hard for a coveted spot in the right gutter just to get back in. After a few laps of trying out various scenarios, I popped off the back to regroup with some team mates and take a few laps with them. The ride file looked pretty funny afterward – vertical rises and drops in power output, with complete plateaus at the bottom and top. Inadvertent intervals, you could say. On the ride home, I hooked up with some veteran riders out of the park and up the trail for good company on the way home – dead into the eye of the breeze.

If it had only been about 30 degrees warmer it would have been a perfect day to windsurf. Today too. This weekend is supposed to be bluebird weather, so a Marshall ride to demolish myself in the hills is on tap. The FPG wants to go mountain biking on Sunday, which is really fun. Talk about a needle into Tyler’s arm, the chick is faster than greased owl shit on downhills. Skeels, I tell you, she got mad skeels. Up hills, I think she prefers the chair lift.

Resolutions and I really don’t get along that well. I’ve always considered that New Years should be more of a gut check on things I’m working on rather than a “this is how I am going to change my life today” kind of deal. The whole December shenanigans came and went without me dropping the ball too much. I have a bit of a roll that should work itself out soon enough, and apart from that I am further along on the chain of progress than I was a few weeks ago, so bully for me.

I overheard some guys talking about some upcoming hotel projects while at the Point yesterday. Against what seems logical, there are apparently a whole bunch of new projects coming up. Our concrete contractor has got a full board starting at the beginning of Q2 ’08. This region’s growth and resilience just amazes me. The empire is burning all around us, yet Rome builds. Good for the builders. At least for now. While it lasts, I will be prepping like a bastard for a rainy day.

Oh, and yeah, I don't believe Tyler. Or my evil twin Vino. Or Kaschekin or Heras or Rasmussen or any of the others.

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