Monday, 31 December 2007

Flamenco Fishing In America

“When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed. Say something once, why say it again?” – David Byrne

Read "Trout Fishing In America." It's funny as hell. "Pardon me, I thought you were a trout stream." "I'm not." Also, "Money," by Martin Amis. I think I've mentioned that one before.

My dear iPod, which has seen me through many hours of working out, seems to be in its death throes. The battery goes haywire whenever it’s below about 55 degrees. And by haywire I mean dead. If I leave the house with the little battery icon on full, it might last 6 songs before it takes a dirt nap. Inside, it will work fine nearly indefinitely. Since I am wicked cheap I would normally just send away for a battery kit and replace the battery myself, but I am awfully tempted by the new iPod Touch. The internet feature is pretty freaking intriguing. The iPhone would make little sense as our cell phone service is with T-Mob (the power of sponsorship at work, there) and I don’t want to change, plus unless they come up with a Nextel variety iPhone I can’t use it for a work phone, and my work cell is what I use 95% of the time. Having GoogleMaps at the ready whenever I decided to get lost would be freaking sweet. No one has yet explained to me how the wifi works – I guess it just hijacks whatever signal is available, which means I’d be screwed anyway most of the times I got lost.

Pretty good weekend of riding at the inlaws in NJ. Saturday was a 2.5 hour session in great weather, while Sunday was a much shorter ride in the brief rainless window around mid day. I finished off the year with a pretty good number of miles, hours of training, etc.

The holiday season has done its best to make me into a stuffed pig, with the final insult of my ordering way too much food for a very important birthday celebration this weekend, which of course all had to go somewhere. Like my face. I feel like that Jim Gaffigan Hot Pockets skit – “take out of wrapper, place directly in toilet.” The near term goal is definitely to get back to eating as healthfully as I was a month ago, which is pretty freaking healthfully.

All right then, off to go guzzle down some hooch and sushi to ring in the Ano Nuevo.

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