Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Snow Falling on 'Migos

A lovely pastoral scene here on site today. I tell ya, we weren't really expecting this much snow. In the best sense of "git 'er done" we put a huge tarp high over today's pour so that the finishers can smooth and grade the concrete.

More than cold, I hate country music. Today I had country music in the cold. I was not happy with that, not at all. I looked like that "I can't put my arms down" kid in A Christmas Story today, but I was a bit warmer than yesterday at least. But country music? Yeah, I detest that crap. I am going to write some redneck Christmas carols. There are plenty out there, including everyone's yuletide favorite "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," which has no doubt spawned countless serial killings, but that ground is ripe for parody.

If Jan Ullrich had not been such a bad descender, the story of the 2001 Tour could have been much different. I learned that on the trainer last night. Another thing I learned last night is the 15 plus 26 plus 10 doesn't equal 90, yet that is what the warmup plus main set plus cool down was supposed to be last night. I rode tempo for about 30 minutes to bulk up the set, and inadvertantly set some new power benchmarks. Tonight, it's back to the weight room with some kick ass cardio cross training. I hear phrases like that and think I should bust out some lime colored volleyball shorts, a pink tank top, a pair of 3/4 high top Reebok aerobic shoes and get all '80's crazy with it. Perhaps I will.

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Jim said...

Trainer, eh? Sounds painful, been avoiding it. Went mountain biking in the dark in the snow instead. Don't know how it helps but my legs were definitely worked out. I'm saving the trainer riding for after Jan 1, when my training gets structured again. Right now it's just "ride lots."