Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lower Your Expectations

A friend's father has some pretty funny sayings, two of which I enjoy in particular. One is not fit for public consumption. The other is "if she's below your standards, lower 'em!" Sophomore year can do some strange things to you - like make you see the validity of that advice.

The good thing about the workouts I’m doing now is that I look forward to not having to do the one I did yesterday. So today, when I realized that I “get to” ride the trainer tonight instead of lifting weights, I was psyched. Last night’s workout was kind of rough. Three different kinds of cross training, and that rowing machine really makes your ass sore, for an hour. Then a full weights workout that takes a little over an hour. The last thing on the weights workout is military presses. I hate military presses. Then crunches, back extensions, leg lifts and stretching. By the time I’m all done I’m into this thing for like two and a half hours and I’m pretty well spanked.

We’re going to try and pour 900 yards tomorrow. The math works out to us finishing the pour at around 3:30, after which the finishers will be working into the night. Math is one thing, reality is another. Or, as they say in Grumpy Old Men, “you can wish in one hand and crap in the other, and tell me which one’s gonna fill up first.” Then the crane goes up Saturday. Big days, these.

Now for some of my somewhat regularly scheduled bitching about what’s going on in the business world. From today’s NY Times:

“And big retailers, like Target, which reported a 10.8 percent increase in sales, warned that after the initial Thanksgiving weekend rush, sales began to drop unexpectedly by the end of November.”

Unexpectedly? Really? You’re a frigging idiot if you didn’t expect that. Then we have the interest rate freeze deal. I’m not yet sure if the part of me that wants the shysters who put all this money into the marketplace to get whacked in the face is stronger than the part of me that wants the idiots who signed up for all of this money to get whacked in the face. All I know is that we are once again rewarding idiocy and creating moral hazards. So once again kids, the lesson for the day is do as much stupid and irresponsible stuff as you want because you’re going to get bailed out anyway.

Now I’m off to see if JaJa can hold on to his slight gap up Plateau de Beille. Gripping stuff.

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